Sunday, July 1, 2012

Granny 180, 181 and 182; Welcome to Mauritius and El Salvador



With another day's worth of square production, I'll be ready to start putting this afghan together.  I visited JoAnn Fabrics today and purchased Caron One Pound in red, white and blue, so I am ready and supplied.  I have ideas about the eventual design, and I really hope it turns out the way I see it in my mind's eye.

Red and white squares are from '99 Squares to Crochet'.  I particularly like this popcorn design, and I think solid squares should have some architectural interest.  The blue square is from 200 Squares, and to be honest I am not completely happy with it.  I may pull it out and use the yarn some other way.

Welcome today Mauritius and El Salvador!  To be honest, they arrived a few days ago...I just wanted to spread the welcomes out a little bit so I'm keeping a list.

Have a great Monday, everyone ~

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