Saturday, June 30, 2012

Granny 177, 178, 179; Welcome China and Croatia; Southbound


First things first:  Sorry about the dentally inspired whining the other day.  I'll figure it out :)  Earlier today I was musing:  If I could get 20,000 people to send me $1 each, my dental woes would be over, LOL.


All three of these squares are obviously all the same design, which came from the ubiquitous 200 Crochet Blocks.  These three and the last three represent the fact that I need some solid squares to balance out the tri-colors.

I do believe I've caught up, and it didn't take me all year.  Since I really need to go for it if I'm going to finish this afghan before the 4th, I'll be pulling ahead very soon.  Only briefly, however...I'll need a squares break to finish the afghan :)


The band "Southbound' performing at the Freedom Festival at Everett Naval Station today.  Fantastic Southern style rock!

Lastly, welcome to China and Croatia, from opposite sides of the globe.

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