Monday, June 11, 2012

Granny 143, 144; Edmonds Beach


The design of the light green and first row of green on 143 are from '300 Crochet Blocks'.  The outer two rounds are free crocheted.  I'm particularly pleased with the overall look of this square!

So far, the blocks in this book are too small to use without adding extra rows.  Lots of room for getting inventive :)

For some reason, the fact that I tend to twist the design sometimes as I crochet is extremely obvious in this square.  I tried to straighten it out for the picture, but it wasn't working.  It will need full on blocking to get my directional twist out of it.

The interior of the square up until the navy blue row are from 300 Crochet Blocks.  The outer two rows are free crocheted.

It was a slightly hazy day, but yesterday evening on the beach in Edmonds WA was a wonderful way to close out the day.

I just love Ramona's hand ((((love))))

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  1. I´m not a crocheter, not even a knitter of any kind but your blog is sooooooooo full of beauty that I´´ll be following it on a regular basis now. :)
    Love all the daily life pictures too, very fresh looking with sweet kid´s & cat´s moments.