Sunday, June 10, 2012

Granny 142; Sunday Snippets


The orange interior of this block comes from '300 Classic Blocks for Crochet Projects', and it is #6 I think.  Many (if not most) of the blocks in this book are not the traditional square, and are more like motif's instead.  The outside of the square I just free crocheted in order to make it into a square.

I'm thinking I'll be working in this book for awhile, because there are 300!  I've had a bit of an aversion up to now, because all of blocks are done in an ecru cord of some sort.  I am liking it more now, because the motifs are there, but the color is completely up to me, as is the eventual finishing of the block.  Takes longer to get done, though, because I have to 'think' about it :)  Time to put the brain to more use.

As for some Sunday Snippets:

Meatball Soup


  1. That flower is such a gorgeous colour, and i'm sure you needed that nice warm soup after being outside!

  2. Beautiful crocheted square and gorgeous poppies.

  3. Oh.. I love the colors of this one! Gorgeous!