Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grannies 159, 160; Secret Beach; welcome to Cape Verde and Albania


I've become disciplined enough to weave in all ends immediately, but not enough to get them blocked.  Tut, tut.

Baby steps.

The center of 159 is from 200 Crochet Blocks, until the dark brown.  Then I free crocheted the rest.  I find I am enamored of those little arches covered smoothly with silky yarn.  I just love it.

160 is also from 200 Crochet Blocks, and I actually did this one a week or two ago when I was doing a block each out of variegated yarns.  It fell out of the bag in the back seat of the car and I found it when I cleaned the car out today.  It's all one skein of Debra Norville Every Day 'Red Rocks'.  I like it, but maybe not for a square, in future.  I could see a big, swingy shawl, something that one could twirl in while dancing to the Grateful Dead.  Who often played at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado, and we've come full circle.

My newly discovered unknown (to most) beach.  I'm in love.

Blackberry Blossom
Welcome to Cape Verde, which is a group of islands west of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean.  I knew nothing about Cape Verde until someone who lives there visited my blog, and I did a little research.  Very fascinating!  I like it when I learn something new.

Welcome also to Albania, which is on the Adriatic Sea right next to Macedonia and Montenegro (two of my favorite country names).  Albania, you have been through a lot and I dearly hope that things are looking up.  Welcome again.
Ornamental Poppy

California Poppy

View of Mount Rainier from the Beach with No Name.

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