Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grannies 156, 157, 158; Welcome to Kuwait and Malaysia~

A picture of a rosa rugosa that I took on a cloudy day at a lakeside beach.  It has nothing to do with crochet, except that I love this photo and love to crochet.  :)


This square, #156, is based on 'Autumn Leaves' from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.

Any book that I name as a resource can be looked at by finding it in the Amazon.com box on the left.  You can click on the book and have a look at it, usually several pages worth.  Check them out before you buy them! 


#157 is also from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares, and in this one, instead of using three rows of singles on the outside, I used one row of half doubles, and one row of singles.

#198 is also from 50 Frabulous Crochet squares.  There are two extra rows of single crochet added, in order to bring this square to the same size as the first two.

The three brown yarns are Bernat Satin (my favorite for squares), and the variegated yarn used in 156 and in the edge of 158 is Bernat Mosaic.

A big welcome to Malaysia and Kuwait, the two latest new visitors to this blog.  Note to self:  Research how many countries exist now, and I wonder how often that master list changes..  More on that tomorrow, because I care.


  1. I love your granny squares - I like #156 best in this post, but #158 is cool too :)

  2. I love your granny project. I really do, thank you for sharing those grannys

  3. Obrigada pela sua visita! Bom crochê para você!
    Love from Brazil,
    Grupo Laçadas de Amor