Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Granny 145 and 146; Edmonds Beach; welcome Ecuador and Slovakia!


This square is called the Spring Breeze Afghan Square and is by Priscilla Hewitt.
Priscilla's Patterns, what a find!  So many beautiful designs...I will certainly be back.  Very nice designs, just a tad challenging which is how I like it these days.


This square is the Crocodile Stitch Afghan Block by Joyce Lewis.  I found it HERE on Ravelry.com.  I'm not happy with this photo, really, because I had to use the flash and to me, it flattened all the features out.  Go to the website and look at the ones there, and you will see what I mean.  I'm going to retake it the minute we have some sun around here...maybe Friday or Saturday?  It really is a lovely square and I look forward to more color combinations.

We did run down to the beach for a while during a break in the rain.

I love how this tree is keeping clam on such a cloudy day.  We had a low tide a few days ago, and I imagine these shells found their way to this tree on that day.

I had planned to meet my friend Liz down there for the low tide, but unfortunately that is the day I was having dental anguish.  Darn it all.  False teeth are starting to sound better and better...never thought I would hear myself say that!

And a welcome to Ecuador and Slovakia, my two newest country/visitors!


  1. Love the 145 square. Squares are addictive to make eh?

  2. Addictive, yes! I'm planning to make 366 this calendar year...I'm a little behind but catching up. Of course, I started late!