Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grannies 126, 127, Welcome, Ukraine! and Sunday Snippets


After a short break for the sake of my mental health,   Although 127 is very autumn-like in color, 126 I took as far away from that color scheme as possible.

I bought several skeins at a church rummage sale, and while talking to the woman who was selling the yarn, she said to me:  "I hope you don't use black in your designs.  I just hate it when people use black!".  Well.  The very next square had to have black, for sure!

It feels cool (as in temperature dropping) when I look at it.  This is very good for women of a certain age, if you know what I mean.  I may have to make an entire afghan with this color scheme, ha ha.

And not to give short shrift to 127, I very much like those colors together, too.

It was a very good day for garage sale shopping!  LOTS of yarn, from three different sales, a pasta spoon, because I used mine to reach something on a high shelf and then forgot where I put it, an amplifier (to use with the stratocaster electric guitar that I won a  couple of years ago) that I was absolutely ecstatic about when I bought it, several scarves and I think that's about it.  I left with $20 in my pocket, and had some change left over, so I am thinking I did exceedingly well with my purchases.  Oh, and I found my pasta spoon within minutes upon my return home, so now I have a spare for the next time this happens (and it will).

Welcome Ukraine!  You are the 71st county that has visited My blog,!  Countries that also visited here for the first time this week:  Latvia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Cyprus, Uruguay, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore, El Salvador, and Paraguay.  Crochet is truly international!  And, I love reading and learning about each country.  Montenegro was particularly fascinating!

How do I know which countries have visited?  I downloaded a free 'Flag Counter", the URL of which is:  I also have downloaded.  The free version, which is what I have, lets you know when readers arrive and the country they are from, in real time.  The pro version has a lot more bells and whistles, but for now, free works for me.  Am I economical?  Do I have a significant amount of Scottish heritage?  Was there ever any question?

     And now for some snippets and photos that I've taken here and there:


  1. You had loads of fun shopping! And that yarn is going to transform soon I presume :)
    Love the photos!

  2. Love your blog! Your squares are such an inspiration to me. I've been thinking of switching over from crocheting doilies and doing some squares again. Your beautiful work has definitely got my wheels turning again lol. Also, I'm really enjoying your photography. I need to share more of my flower photos on my've given me another idea lol. Come on over to visit my blog sometime.
    Thanks again,