Saturday, June 23, 2012

Granny 160, 161, 162, 163; Welcome Dominican Republic and Estonia



When I first challenged myself to 365 (366 really, it's a leap year) different and individual grannies in a year, I got quite a few designs from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans by Jan Eaton.  This is mainly because it's the book that I had taken out of the library the most often.

As I did more and more design research, I discovered a few more books, and began working through them.  (the list of books I use is in the Amazon box at left.).  I've done a lot of browsing on the internet and on, as well.

But at the moment, I've come back to 200 Crochet Blocks, and have decided to work right through it, but in reverse.  And, I won't do any that are squares of straight across crochet, at least not on this swing through.  I just don't enjoy those as much (for now).

I'm at One Hundred Sixty Four grannies now, and have slowed down a bit at times.  As for the days I don't post, I'm putting extra in the next day so I don't fall behind.  I started this challenge in mid February and at this point, don't think I'll catch up to finish within this calendar year.  If I don't finish until February 2013, that's ok with me!  A little part of me just wants to keep doing it after than...but we'll see what I say when the time comes!

I may be having my knee replaced at some point this year, and that will slow me down, too (but will feel a whole lot better after it is done!)

Welcome to Estonia and the Dominican Republic, recent visitors to this blog.  Glad to see you here, and do come back again :)

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  1. I love all your squares. So color and pretty.