Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grannies 151 and 152; Caturday; welcome to Netherland Antilles and Uruguay!


Square 151 is from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.  The interesting thing is that the dark yarn and the outer yarn are the same variegated yarn.  Very interesting yarn.

This square started off being from 50 Fabulous Crochet squares, and then I started messing with it.    The turquoise yarn is really green, a sort of emerald green.  No idea why it photographed so very differently.

A very solemn Mr. Bernard greets us on this, our day of Caturday.  We're working with him to end some of his slightly aggressive behaviors.  After a lot of behavior modification, he's a bit better, but still exhibits a lot of anxious sorts of behavior.  I guess if he were a person,  what he has been through for the last few months before he came here would be enough to make anyone anxious and maybe even depressed.  I'm feeling a little conflicted about putting Mr. Bernard on Prozac, it just seems strange.  He is on a trial of Prozac, though, and so far I can tell you what it is doing:  he's less hungry (which is probably good since he needs to shed some weight._); he's hanging out under the bed a lot, when he used to be on the top of the bed;  and otherwise, is still biting me.  There are other behaviors taht I have not seen even once, though, so maybe....

Welcome to the Netherland Antilles and Uruguay!  Glad to have you visit here!

Now, if only feedjit would work properly....

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