Friday, June 8, 2012

Grannies 133, 134, 135; Welcome Taiwan and Latvia!



Variations on a theme:  Three different color combinations, same design.  I have some new variegated yarns and wanted to see how they work up.  I know a lot of people don't care for variegated yarns, but I love them, for some reason.

Love it in #132.  Very good, would use it in a granny again.

Don't think it really works in #133.  The color changes allow too much color in one area, makes it look blocky and off.  Nice color combination though, and I would love to see it in a scarf.

By the time I took this picture I had next to no light left, so I had to use the flash.  It left this looking over exposed, however, the yarn really is this bright, and I really do like it.

And I had one more, but do you think I can find that square now?  Oh no.  I think I made that one while I was waiting for Ramona today, it is probably still out there.  And tomorrow is soon enough :).

There will be more, although I might switch to another square.  Bernat yarns were on sale, you see....

And welcome, welcome to Taiwan and Latvia, today's first time visitors!  My grandmother was either Lithuanian or Latvian, no one is quite sure.  I can claim no ancestral relationship with Taiwan, however, but am glad to see it here just the same.  73 different countries have visited this blog, and I really do wish I had thought of spotlighting some of them before now.  

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