Monday, June 18, 2012

Grannies 154 and 155; Welcome Philippines and Saudi Arabia


I've been playing with incorporating a new yarn into designs.  The yarn is Bernat Mosaic acrylic, color 'Envy'.  I ordered it thinking that it would be a very soft yarn, because I'm goign to be making a shawl for a daughter who is very sensitive to how things feel on her skin.  When I first tried this yarn I was thinking it would be rough when worked up, but it is not at all.  In these the squares, it is used in both of the second to outermost colors.  I have it in a third square that will be finished for tomorrow, as well.  I think it will work well for the shawl, now that I've used it.  I guess it would be termed a 'self striping' yarn, with enough of each color for a good block of color.  In 154, both the row of bright green and the next row of a sort of olive green mix are the same yarn.  Only quibble so far:  the spinning process approximates hand spun yarn to a point, but sometimes the yarn is too thin.  Also, in one place the yarn is fluffed out and loose enough that the yarn pulled apart and I had to cut the yarn and have a knot where one was not planned.

***The basic design for both squares can be found in 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.  I slightly changed the outside edging for the sake of size.***

You would think I wouldn't like this yarn, with my liking for even, shiny type yarns, but I really do.  And it works well with the other colors used.

I'll be sticking with this color scheme for a bit.  I have an afghan that I've offered to donate for a silent auction, and am thinking about making it these colors.  Or not!

Welcome to Saudi Arabia and the Philippines!  Two countries that are so different and so many miles apart...both visited here yesterday.


  1. I love these two squares. Where did the patterns come from? My email adress is:

    Thanks, Linda

    1. Linda, thanks for pointing out that I forgot to include this detail! It is there now :)

  2. I love that pop of yellow in the #154 square!