Friday, April 27, 2012

All 73 almost in one place + 74

Here are all 73,  all brought out and ready  to be laid out on my bed.

I'm standing on a step ladder, thinking that I can take a shot of all of the squares laid out at one time.  Not!  Here is one side of the bed, and:

And here is the other.  There wasn't room for all of them at once, so I saved out the 3-d flowers and some of the six inchers to picture separately.  I've planned 365, and after seeing how much space the first 73 take up, I wonder what I will do with them all!

All of the approximate 6" squares together, and:

All of the 3-d flowers together.  Probably because making these are not my favorite, I thought there were many more of them than this.  Since I envision all of the 3-d squares being sewn into a blanket for my granddaughter, I guess I'd better make some more of them :)

Mr. Bernard wondering just how he could be of assistance...

Surely I want a kitty centerpiece!  Why not!  He is a very good boy (mostly) and does not attempt to play with the yarn while I am working (much).

I'm very glad I've been able to convince Mr. Bernard that yarn is not for him.  When he first came to live here, I thought that making a toy for him would be a good idea.  I took a stick from another cat toy and tied about 2 feet of yarn to it, and I would dangle it for him to play with.  The second day after I made that little toy I went into the kitchen for a couple of minutes...and when I came back in it had swallowed all but 2 inches of the yarn!  Thank heavens it was attached to a stick, or he would have swallowed it all.  I was able to carefully pull it back out, but I know it bothered his throat.  But he is ok, fortunately.  No more yarn for Mr. Bernard.

Work in Progress, the next square.


The start of a new collection of squares.


  1. Wow, what a great collection of crochet squares! They all are beautiful, but I especially like the ones with the flowers. I see that Mr. Bernard likes them too ;-)

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog. They made my day!

  2. Hi SJ, just popped by to say you're welcome to join in anytime! You are not far behind as we are on day 119 today of 366 squares, so it won't take you long - however you don't have to be "up to date" all the time - do it at YOUR pace ok?
    Pop back to my blog some time and let me know when I can copy across some of your photo's for the gallery.

  3. They are gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting at my Link Party. Hope to see you back again next week. Enjoy your day!

  4. When I had cats, they would love when I would lay out an afghan, they would immediately make their way onto it and not get up.

  5. Ik heb een poosje op je blog rondgekeken.. Wat heb je ook mooie vierkantjes gehaakt! Leuk.. om ook op een ander blog te kijken, die ook vierkantjes haakt!
    Vriendelijke groetjes Jacqueline