Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP and Mr. Bernard

Basketweave afghan

Granny o' the day :)

I started this afghan yesterday on a if I didn't have enough projects!  I had the yarn (Lion Brand Homespun 'Lagoon') sitting in the stash, and suddenly it called my name.  What can I say?  I figure, a couple of rows a day or so...

Mr. Bernard consented to be my model today.  He was looking out the window, and what I like here is that you can see his nice Siamese patch on the back of his head.  He is part Siamese or a related breed...his vet refers to him as 'lynx point'.

He's a bit standoffish, being affectionate only when he is in the mood.  He's only been with us a month (about), but I can see progress.

When he first came, if you pet him and it wasn't his idea, you would get nipped.  Also he has a couple of self stim behaviors that I am working on eliminating.  I wait until I see him behaving correctly, and go pet him with a little pieces of treat in my hand.

I pet him all over while delivering the treats one at a time.  I'm using teeny pieces so he doesn't really get much...he's on a kitty diet.

He's lost about half a pound so far, with another pound to go.  The amount he's lost so far makes a huge difference!  To me he looks just fine now, but the vet insists he has another pound to lose

The vet also thinks that cats that have Siamese in their genetic makeup are a bit more standoffish just by nature, so it is not surprising he's a bit like that.  What I love seeing is that he is starting to vocalize a lot more, because I love having a cat that 'chats'.  His purr is coming around more often, and is loud enough to hear.  I sure wonder what went on during the first 8 years of his life.....

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