Monday, April 23, 2012

The Closet! and 4 grannies

Ramona's closet in progress
In the last couple of days we have taken almost everything out of Ramona's closet and gone through it, something that hasn't happened for several years.  We have sent several bags (garbage sized bags) to Goodwill.  We have sent several bags to the dumpster.  If this sounds like it was difficult to walk into the closet, it was almost impossible to open the door.  We moved the rear shelving into position (after tossing the metal shelves that used to be there, which,  if I am correct, were bought by my mother with green stamps).  Does anyone besides myself even remember green stamps?  And ok, I didn't toss them, they are going to Goodwill, too.

Then I went and laid down for an hour, when  fatigue reminded me that I had surgery recently, ha ha.

My neighbor Karen gave use the pink and purple shelves when she moved recently.  After the renovation, they fit perfectly!  Thank you, Karen!  Ramona is thrilled!

Elizabeth and Charlie 

Since I was thinking of Karen, I am posting this picture of Elizabeth (my granddaughter) and Charlie (Karen's dog, who was about 3 months old in this photo).

Can we all say, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww?

We miss you, Karen and Charlie!


 Have almost finished the poncho for Elizabeth.  Then I have a wrap to make for Clara's friend Tracy, and another for Clara Marie.  Recently finished a large shrug for my friend Tracy, who is facing turbulent waters in her life at present.  Wishing I had taken a picture of it before I let it go, though!

Here are the four latest grannies:

I'm rather infatuated with this Bernat Satin yarn, color Goldenrod.  I love how it works up, I love the color, I love it!

The teal yarn is exactly that, teal yarn.  It had no label when I got it at the garage sale, but I rather suspect it is Red Heart, it feels like it.


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