Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Snippet In My Deck Garden and 77, 78


It was noted when I laid out all the squares together that I was very short on 3-d flowers.  Therefore, I'll be remedying this for the next few squares.

<--  Looks better in person, and I will probably do another with the same flower in a different background.

<--  This I LOVE!  You know how I love a good variegated yarn, and I'm thinking it made the perfect flower.  All three yarns here are Bernat Satin, a yarn that I become more enamored of every day.

Volunteer ferns threatening to crowd out the just emerging 'Patriot' hosta.  This a beautiful little hosta, which I may have to transplant at the end of the season.  I haven't the heart to mess with the ferns, I think they are probably more difficult to transplant.

We have very wet weather here, and not much sun on my deck.  When plants appear on their own and thrive, I like keeping them.

A case in point are these alder seedlings that seeded themselves into this planter three years ago.  I've been playing at training them to grow in ways that perhaps don't come naturally.

I hang beads and lovely things from the branches to pull them down, spread them out.

Sometimes I stake a limb...but mostly I love hanging things in my 'trees'.

Like this.

And this.

A fir tree that decided to grow in my chocolate mint.

Two small cedar seedlings and a violet that have taken up residence in a pot of sedums.

My constant companion :)


  1. What gorgeous granny squares and beautiful beads. You have a keen eye for deliciousness. x

  2. Your companion is sooooo beautiful!
    I´m totally green challenged and admire those who can grow things. Loved the idea of the beads.
    Your squares are awesome. The 3D additions look wonderful.

  3. love that variegated flower, lovely snippets

  4. Your crochet and your garden are both so beautiful. And I'm a total sucker for any cat photos. Have a great week.

  5. Lovely pics ... love your kitty cat too ... hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. These blocks are beautiful, especially love the second one! I love variegated yarns :)

  7. Thank you so much for visiting and for taking your time.Love your "grannies " and your blog.All pictures are so green and gorgeous,I love nature and crocheting.Thanks once again and Welcome!