Saturday, April 28, 2012

A quiet Saturday; 75, 76


Both of these squares are from 200 Crochet Blocks.  I have seen blogs with 'favorite books' on the side, each with a link (or so I presume).  Sure would like to know how to do that!  Perhaps that should be my mission for today :)

***Mission Accomplished!  See Left***

I like sticking with the same color pallette for a few blocks, until I get bored.

You never know how colors are going to work together.  In this case, I think #76 is a bit more cohesive than #75.

Variegated yarns, in my mind, were not really born to be used in Granny squares...they tend to overwhelm.   But I dearly love variegated yarn!  So I keep trying.


  1. Hello SJ, Stopping by to say Hi and see the beautiful squares you have crocheted. So many and they are all beautiful! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts and enjoyed each one :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. You are crocheting beautiful grannies! It is really exciting to see that much different grannies. Granny squares are just something what I must try! I am planning to make a blanket during the summer.
    Wish you beautiful Sunday,

  3. Hello SJ, I am also from the Pacific Northwest, Kent WA to be exact, Lot's of rain, lol! I love doing granny squares, I could never do all the ones that you have done it's hard for me to use my hands all the time with arthritis, great place to live for that right, LOL! But I do try and do more grannies than other things because it doesn't take as much time to do a granny square as it does a full blanket. I tried doing some clothes for a baby but that went right out the window because it's so tiny and it makes my hands hurt so much. So, I will stick with the grannies, I have a lot of the books you are using on my computer so I am going to try some of the ones you have done but change a few of the colors. I do love reading about your adventures daily and your daughter is just precious! I loved the picture with her pink dress and her male companion. That was adorable. So anyway, I was reading your blog and I agreed about #75 if you had used the cream for the center it would have opened it up more, but they are still beautiful! Just joined and started following you and wanted to say Hello! Have a great day!