Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day (and a crochet update, of course)

Day 46

Day 47
Elizabeth's poncho is coming along!  She is a very tall, slender girl, so I have a ways to go yet.  Have you ever noticed that when you are crocheting for a particular person, loving thoughts of them fill your mind the whole time you are working?  It's one of the best things about crochet .

<--This square, and #47 right after, were on facing pages in the Granny Square Book.  Made with the same H hook, and some of the same yarns, this one is 6".

<--And this one is 8".  Go figure!

 This may be all for a few days, as I am having surgery tomorrow.  Nothing worrisome, just repairing a broken nose.  Won't be fun, but is no worry, either.

My daughter Elena is coming to stay with me for a few days to help me.

I made two scarves for her that should have been in the mail a month ago.  But alas, I am who I am!  And she will be glad to have them here, where the temperature is still moping in the 40's (Farenheit).  When she takes them back to Brooklyn she may have to wait until next fall to use them.

The first scarf is made of Berroco Souffle yarn.  and the second, which is a ruffled scarf, is Lion Brand Homespun Edwardian.

Perhaps I can get her to a little modeling while she is here.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!  28 years ago I was dropped into life with a baby girl who had such a major heart malformation (double outlet, right ventricle), that she was not expected to survive.  For two years we held our breath every day, not knowing if there was a tomorrow for her.  And at two years of age, she had her lifesaving repair, the first successful DORV repair in our part of the world, and since I've never found another older person with a repaired DORV, maybe even in the whole world.  And oh...btw, she has Down Syndrome.

So glad to have the best teacher I could ever have in my life!


  1. Visiting from Sucrette's poncho group on Ravelry! Wonderful work you have done so far!

  2. I hope your surgery went well. My squares would most likely come out different sizes, too. Lovely scarves! So glad to hear that your daughter survived the odds. Best wishes, Tammy