Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poncho CAL, Turn Double, Dose-e-doh!


Elizabeth's poncho WIP
This trivet was originally intended to be an 'Isabella Square' from The Granny Square Book.  However, somewhere along the line I made an error that reduced the number of motifs.  At this stage, there should have been 16 points around, and somehow there are only 14.  The error happened in the fourth row, still not sure how it happened.  As it was, though, I had used a very heavy yarn (just to see how it worked up).  The insulation this yarn will provide makes it a very nice trivet!  Works for me!  I'll try this pattern again with a more suitable yarn, and see if I get a granny square this time.

I've begun a poncho for Sucrette's Granny Poncho Crochet-a-Long.  This one is for my granddaughter, Elizabeth, who requested blue and white.

I don't have any white yarn handy, but I do have cream.  I think I like it better than white, and hope that she does, too.

Yesterday this tutorial was posted on the Crochet_in_Common list on Yahoo.  One of the things that I have always been unhappy with in crochet is the need to chain 3 to move up to the next line of crochet.  It just doesn't look right and I have never liked it.  This tutorial shows an incredibly inventive way to make a double crochet when moving up instead of the chain 3.  I'm still working on mastering it, but I think it is absolutely brilliant!  I'll never chain 3 again.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!  

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  1. The great thing about crochet is even if you don't get a pattern right, it still turns into something beautiful that can be used for something else. :) I like your trivet. And the poncho is coming along nicely. Hope your day is great. Tammy