Thursday, March 15, 2012

What was lost is found + 2

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38
The plus 2 are first!  This block and the one following are titled 'Jeannine squares', and are from the 'Granny Square Book'.  The cross lines are achieved with front posts.  I really love this technique! 

This color combination isn't bad, either. 

I know many people stick to one type of yarn, for instance, Bernat Silk, or Vanna's Choice, but for all of these blocks I'm going for color combinations first, complimentary weights of yarn second, and brand/type, not at all.

Day 37 here is as follows:  Center, Caron, color peacock.  The turquoise row is Premier Yarns Dream.  Third row (counting from the center) is Premier Yarns Dream, mint green.  The variegated row is RedHeart.    If I had it to do over, I'd use another yarn instead of the peacock, and am currently looking for a similar color from a different company.  Nothing wrong with the Caron!  But it is wool (which I had forgotten), while the rest are blends.

You will always be able to tell which blocks come from the 200 blocks book.  She made all of her examples out of a sock type yarn, with a little bitty needle, so that she could back a lot of definition into her 6" blocks.  The problem there is that granny squares are usually made with some sort of worsted yarn.  If I follow the directions as written I end up with about a 9" square. 

Good thing I like big squares sometimes, cause I will never be buying up a whole selection of tiny yarns, however lovely those pieces might be.

Also, yon giant square is the one that the kittle stole yesterday.  Found it behind the could in the living room.  He's only been with me for a week and a half now, but I can tell that life with him will not be dull.  And he is smart!  If I'm crocheting and he makes a move toward my lap, I can tell him no and he'll wait until I am done working.  Really!  Smart, smart boy. 

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