Friday, March 16, 2012

A very successful day, except for my pocketbook...

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41
Some days I make a square, and it's not everything I thought it would be.  Today, however, I think all three were very successfull!

Love the color combination in this one, which came from the Granny Square book.  The original pattern had two more rows, but I liked it when I got this far.  More would have been too much, in my opinion.

All three squares originated in the Granny Square book today.  I absolutely love the middle of this one!  And the colors went together nicely, too.

Needs blocking!  I have one of those graphed blocking squares on order, so I expect I'll be taking some great before and after photos.

This one is just lovely!  I'm going to be working up some of the lacier ones I've come across, getting ready for the poncho (or shawl) that I'm going to be making for my daughter Clara.  I rather like some of the filigree techniques.  I have some fantastic banana silk yarn on order for it from Himalaya, and since it is backordered for now, I have plenty of time to plan.

I was thinking of grousing about the 'cat and his teeth that should have been pulled before I got him but they weren't' routine...but I'm still to aggravated by the whole thing and not really knowing what direction I am going to go in.  Suffice it to say, Bernard Big is back from his dental surgery today.  Even the vet is unhappy about the treatment he got previously, and the non responsiveness of the organization.  But then again, I said I was leaving it, and I am.

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