Saturday, May 19, 2012

109 (my design!), 110,'s Caturday :)


Playing with colors and popcorn stitches,  I came up with this square.  I am really, really happy with it!

This purple square is from 'The Granny Square Book'.  The outside two rows were added to the pattern, because I thought it needed something more and needed to be a bit bigger.

Now I'm off to hit the garage/estate's a big Saturday for that around here!

But first, some pictures of Mr. Bernard :)
Good morning, sunshine~

I love you, Mom.  See his patch of Siamese fur?

I really, really love you.  You believe this, right?
Hmmm, I wonder how you taste?
Lunch!  Banzai!
Munch, munch, munch (don't worry, he's not hurting me)

Sorry, Mom...let me make it all better.
After-snack toilette

Getting all the hard to reach places.
Just finishing up.
Loving those blue eyes.


  1. Oh wow, your kitty is just gorgeous!! (the crochet is nice too but I am distracted by the cuteness!) Thanks for participating in Caturday!! xox

  2. love your square. instructions please :-) and which granny square book are you referring too?

  3. You should be proud because it is fantastic!!
    I also love the colors you used for both squares!