Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grannies 111, 112; Sunday Snippets


Both of today's grannies are from the book :  99 Granny Squares to  Crochet.


Garage sale snippets...This wonderful dragonfly (which admittedly is missing the tip of the tail) was only 25 cents.  I love it.

This lamp base is made of aluminum, I think.  I'll rewire it and make a lampshade and it will have new life.  I love the base, it's so graceful, and the price was only fifty cents~

The rest of today's snippets are from North Lake Union Waterfront Park.

The row of shame.


  1. I was impressed with so many parts of this post, including thinking you must be insane to make all those tie-offs on the granny squares. Then I saw that gorgeous lamp shade. I believe there is a real treasure under that paint. This is Art Nouveau from the style. Two very popular lamp makers from that era include Bradley-Hubbard and Tiffany. Although I doubt it is a Tiffany, it has value, and far more than fifty cents. BTW, all Bradley-Hubbards were signed on the bottom, but the paint may have obscured it. Dates for this would be between 1905 and 1917.

    1. I also am sure that it is not Tiffany. Even if it is a knock off, it's worth far more than 50 cents! The bottom has felt stuck to it, poor thing, so I will be working at removing carefully what should not be there. Thanks for the input! Was the signing on the visible surface of the lamp, or on the bottom?

  2. I've just been thinking that I have to find time for some crochet and then I saw your post, it must be a sign!

  3. Mooie vierkantjes, ik heb het 99 crochet blocks van Leisure Arts ook besteld.Lijken me mooie blokken in staan!

  4. The colours of the second granny are so totally me, I could wear a dress out of them. :)
    Lovely finds, so elegant and great bargains.
    Wonderful place and awesome takes. Neat angles and action pictures.

  5. Color of granny squares are awesome ~ fantastic photos and great antique finds ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Amazing!! I quite loved the Row of Shame photo!! Good for you with all those squares!! I admire your stick-to-it-iveness!!

  7. What a fascinating collection of photos. It must have been an interesting week.