Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Garage sale finds:
15 skeins black sock yarn
2 skeins off white yarn, one was sock yarn
1 ball very interesting purple yarn
1 ball Knit-cro-sheen, which is good because I've been thinking to take up lace making again.
2 silk scarves
10 semi precious stone necklaces
1 sheet of beeswax complete with wick
1 dragon calendar.
Total outlay:  $3.45!

We have a duck family living in the apartment's swimming pool.  Last year they were here, and were determined to be here, even though steps were taken to try to convince them to leave.

I haven't seen papa duck around lately (the cur!).  Mama is on her own with all 12 little ducklings.

Last year, it was found out the hard way that baby ducklings can get into the pool, but they cannot get back out.  By the time we all knew what was happening, most of them had perished.

This year one of the maintenance guys built ramps for the babies to get out of the water!  As well as using it for a ramp, they like to sit on it.


  1. Awww, so cute ducklings! I love them so much I could spend a whole day just watching them :)

  2. Lovely, and thank the maintenance guys for building a ramp, these duckling will stay alive.

  3. Great finds! And how adorable those ducklings are!

  4. Great finds! And how adorable those ducklings are!

  5. Oh the ducklings are so cute. So glad they built the ramp for them. And, I love the square you designed. It came out great.


  6. Twelve babies! Poor Mum. So lovely to read that the humans have made arrangements to keep them safe this year.

  7. cuteness overload....and congratulations to all of you that take care of them :)