Friday, May 4, 2012

85, 86, and a Rainy Day



I'm going to have to start using a tape recorder while I'm driving around.  I think of so many good things for the blog, but by the time I'm sitting here in front of the computer, they have vanished.

Here are 85 and 86!  Both are from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.  This has become my favorite Granny Square resource.  The squares aren't all spiderwebby, having substance and all will work when sewed into a blanket.

#86 was entitled Autumn Leaves.  I changed the dark brown to this variegated yarn, and I think it works.

All of these colors do tend to show up in fall leaves, even the blue.  A case in point is the next picture, which I took with my phone this past fall. I see all of those colors in this beautiful puddle full of leaves.

So prosaic, so beautiful!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. I too crochet, and squares are my favorite. I'm absolutely loving your squares. Wish I could find more blogs doing them. I would love to know what books your doing each square out of and what brand of yarn and colors. Love some of the color combinations your using.


  2. Hi Linda, Thanks for the positive comment, it really makes me smile. I try to remember to say what book I get patterns from, but sometimes I just make one up. For instance, I'm working on one today that I'll post this evening. As far as yarn, I keep wondering about that. It's kind of mix and match, with garage sale finds thrown in. You make a good point, though, and I'll try to comment what more of the yarns are. Like I said, I was thinking I should be making notes of yarn...

  3. I love these. Just started working on grannies for a fabulous project. I haven't made one for more than a year, but today was like a holiday. Made a ton of them :)

  4. My granny used to crochet, and even my mom a little bit, but I never learned. Seeing these brings back good memories of watching them do that.

    As for recording your ideas, if you've got a smart phone, there are all sorts of voice memo apps that would keep you from having to carry around something extra.

    1. And I do have a smart phone...apparently I am not as smart as it is, because I never thought of that! Thanks :)