Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Granny 106, 107, and MOHAI...My Creative Space

I thought I was all done with the 'blooming' potholder, until I cropped this photo...have to pull out the red row at the back, error!  So instead of a finished product, it's still a WIP.

Another skill, acquired :)  And so much more fun than a regular old utilitarian potholder :)

Granny 106 is a design from "99 Granny Squares to Crochet.".  It is shown in white, purple and lilac, but it immediately said 'sunflower' to me.  I foresee a run on sunflower squares...I love the colors.


Granny #107 is called "Something Pretty:  The Pattern".  Here is the link to the website.

I have a renewed love for the six inch granny.  They don't take long to make!  I like it.

Mr. Bernard has decided that the footboard of the bedstead makes a great pillow.

I think he's a little under the weather, actually.  I put his monthly dose of Advantage flea treatment on his neck two days ago and he's seemed off ever since.  You don't hear about this as a side effect, but it always made my last cat (Jerry) sleepy and tired for a day or two.

I took around 100 photos at South Lake Union Park this afternoon, and will be putting them all together this weekend.  For now, though, here are three Canada goose goslings running my way, only to discover that I had a camera in my hands and not a snack for them.

Two historic vessels that are currently being refurbished as part of a waterfront exhibit with the Museum of History and Industry.  MOHAI is moving into an old Naval building that is located here.  For more information you can click HERE, or just wait until this weekend when I have more time to blog about it.  I love museums.  And I love reflections in water~


  1. Love the potholder.....and I love a good granny square they can be made so quickly :)

  2. Oooooh, lovely granny squares - I would like to try experimenting a bit more, you've inspired me! Lovely animal pics - enjoy your trip to the museum, sounds fun :)

  3. Wat een mooie vierkantjes!! Vind 107 ook zo mooi, ook als bloem apart is hij prachtig! Wat een grappige gansjes!!
    groetjes Jacqueline

  4. Love the colours you are using, great to conquer another skill huh? Keep going!

  5. Beautiful granny squares and great photos of the animals too! :)