Friday, May 25, 2012

Grannies 118, 119


I've been working recently through 99 Squares to Crochet, but I'm taking a break from it now.  So many things I don't really care for in that book, from the awkward placement of overexposed photos to the instructions that don't exactly communicate the necessary.  Because I have to keep flipping back and forth from picture to instructions, the binding has given's aggravating.

That being said, the two squares today are from 200 Crochet Blocks for balnkets, throws, and afghans, by Jan Easton.

And now I am off to take care of the very beautiful day :)


  1. Obrigadinha minha linda, seus trabalhos são lindos e adoro a combinação das cores, muito alegre
    Inez Barbosa

  2. Oh it's extremely kind of you to want to help me I so appreciate it.
    Our squares are basically 6" that come in to me. But I am snowed under with squares at the moment to be honest with you. I have enough work here for some months. Our large Olympic blankets have been taking a lot of time up and it's made me behind with my usual work.
    If you would like to make your blanket up I would be so terribly grateful to you!
    I'll give you my email address
    If you want to chat.

    If you want to make your own blanket up it doesn't have to be 6" squares please feel free to do what you want. Our blankets are roughly 36"/38" square.

    EAch one of our blankets are hand delivered to local nursing homes and they are just so well received.
    Many many thanks to you, Suex