Monday, May 7, 2012

Grannies #89, 90, 91, 92

Awwww.  Sweet Mr. Bernard.  Looking at this picture, though, I remember that I woke up this morning with lymphedema in  my left arm.  Even after lots of lymphedema massage, my arm and hand were still plumped up.  Everything has returned to normal now.

Lymphedema is often a side affect of breast cancer surgery, where the lymph system gets interrupted after lymph nodes are removed for biopsy.


Just so you know, all that fun breast cancer stuff happened almost 6 years ago now!  The cancer (and the breasts, which were reconstructed) is gone, but the after affects remain.  It's ok :)

The instructions for all four squares today were found in 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.  89 and 90 are the same square with different color choices.


I think I'm more partial to 89.  And oh I saw that paw sneaking over to #90....busted!


This teal mystery yarn was probably not such a good choice.  I wanted to use it on something...


And this square is my favorite of the day~


  1. oh well done SJ - that's a really good catch up - I can't wait to see some photo's. :) And here I am looking at them now - they are FANTASTIC - so fancy and colourful and all nicely designed - great work. How are you going to join them? Ali

  2. I see kitty is trying to help "block" your granny
    Kitty's love to insert themselves into photos, and also love to claim any knitted or crocheted item.

  3. Yes, Karen, those rascally kitties certainly do!

  4. Ali, I have not decided. I may try different ways, since I'll have 365 squares to work with! In the past, I've usually single crocheted them together, and I do like the look of that.

  5. Love the squares. I too have lymphedema in my left arm. My mastectomy was 17 years ago.