Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Granny #93 and New Yarn!


New Yarn!  New Yarn!  I am inordinately delighted whenever I get new yarn.  I'm finding as I work my way through my 365 grannies project that I'm not happy just using up scraps anymore.  I'll still use scraps here and there, but I surely do love new yarn :)

This square is from 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.  The yarns:  Wine and grey are Bernat Satin.  The variegated yarn is Patons Astra Wild Wizard.

So, only one square done last night.  Spending the day at the county courthouse will do that to a girl.  Every three years we need to redo guardianship papers on our girl, and yesterday was that day.  I spent all morning catching up to the new rules, and then getting all the paperwork in order.  Once we were in the hearing room, I discovered that I had downloaded the wrong set of papers, and had to do them all over again, without benefit of financial records or addresses.  It was a lonnnngggg set of forms...the clerk was wonderful and led me through everything that had to be done, and then gave me a blank set of the correct papers so that I can have them on hand three years from now when I have to do it again.  Long day, behind me now.  I always feel so conflicted when I do the guardianship thing...just wishing it weren't necessary, while dealing once again with the reality that it is.

Think I'll crochet a lot today :)  My short term goal is to reach #100 by Friday.  Pretty colors!


  1. Beautiful! Delightful colours and lovely pattern.
    We have met only recently and I don´t know your whole story. The papers you had to sign sound complicated but necessary in the big scheme. Good to know that´s over for another three years.

  2. Greta colour combos and there is something rather special about adding to your stash I agree although mine is fabric not yarn. :o) Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment