Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Grannies; and hearts and stars



It's Memorial Day here in the US, and whether you agree with it being held on the last Monday in May or not (it was originally held on the last DAY in May, until someone got the bright idea to make a three day holiday out of it), the important thing is that we observe it.

We come together to honor those who gave their all in our nation's service.  Thank you, brave men and women.  Take a minute today for a moment of silence in their honor.

Here are two more squares that are red, white and blue.  I am also reposting the two squares from yesterday, so that all four will be together.

All four designs were found in the book "200 Crochet Blocks".  Only the colors were changed.



The red white and blue heart is actually the same size as the stars, and once they are all finished (probably in time for Flag Day), they will be strung together.  Ramona saw and stars and delighted;  she also requested that hearts be added.  Ok by me, and the wee heart came out quite well.  I hope the red yarn holds out :)


  1. Lovely work! I´d have a big blanket out of the first two. The stars would be a wonderful touch. *daydreaming*

    1. You have a great idea, Paula! I'm starting to daydream a bit, myself!

  2. They all are beautiful! Love those stars!
    Happy Memorial Day!