Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grannies 115, 116; Ramona's new hat; Vintage Crocheted tablecloths



 Both squares today are from 99 Squares to Crochet.

I really go for variegated yarns, although a little goes a long way.  I found this yesterday at Michael's.  I have actually never bought yarn at Michaels, and had heard that they were phasing their supply out.  Our Michaels had plenty of yarn to choose from, and a much nicer section than other places I have seen.

This yarn is 'Impeccable' by Loops & Threads.  Never heard of that brand, but probably this is because I haven't shopped for yarn at Michaels.  The only Michaels in this area is too far away to pop around to when I need to fill in a gap.  I'm much more likely to go to Joanne's for that purpose.  Most yarn I buy online...or at garage sales.

Of course, there are also stores devoted to yarn only, but they tend to stock only higher end yarns, and very little that I would buy just to use for grannies.  I love those stores and really, I try to stay out of them...they are very hard on my pocketbook!

about two weeks worth of yarn ends
Ramona's summer hat in progress

 I started Ramona's hat this morning, and figure I'll be done tomorrow or the next day.  I found the "Garden Party Crocheted Hat" on Ravelry.com. 

Here are the two crocheted tablecloths that I spoke about the other day.  I found them at an estate sale, tucked in a corner and kind of dirty.  I paid $14 for the two of them, and after another $30 for expert cleaning, they are gorgeous!

Perhaps I will make one of my own someday, but since I tend to have the  attention span of a gnat, probably not!

I thank the person (or persons, it looks like two different 'hookers' to me) who made these delightful tablecloths.  The first tablecloth is the same color all the way through, which I think of as traditional.

The second tablecloth uses light thread in the middle, and darker thread around the edges, on the part of the cloth that would hang over the edge of the table.

I've been torn, somewhat, over whether or not there is tatting involved in tablecloth #2.  I think not....

Beautiful, aren't they?  It was a very lucky day at the estate sale, where everything else seemed to be wildly over priced.  I figure I lucked out because these needed to be cleaned.


  1. Great Post !.....love all your granny....comments are welcome in any language.You are so welcome .....any time any language ....so do not mind it.Like your blog too.Thanks ans have a marvelous week.
    I always checking on your granny ....cause your combinations are original and unique....love it.

  2. The tablecloths are amazingly beautiful and the price you paid for them even more remarkable! So happy you found these.

    I love the colors in your granny squares!

  3. Great finds SJ. And the granny squares they are lovely autumnal colours. Can I ask what you keep all the yarn ends for? I'm intrigued to know what you do with them...

    Happy knitting,

  4. PS I popped over to your other blog and commented too.

  5. Is there something that you do with all those yarn ends? I feel badly just throwing them away...


    1. I used to throw them away, but then I started gathering them up, just because the jar was handy. I had no idea there were so many~ I decided to start using them to stuff things, like teddy bears and amiragumi (or however you spell that).

  6. I came out to see your newest wonderful granny blocks! No 116 is my current favourite!
    Wish you a beautiful weekend,
    P.s. in Hungary we also have a 3 day weekends (it is Pentecost)