Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Today's photo challenge word was "Joy".  I took a drive to my favorite Seattle neighborhood, Queen Anne.  I'd live there if there were any way to afford one of those lovely old houses.

Fortunately, I can still afford to go for a walk on my favorite street, which shall remain a secret.

The cherry trees were still blooming...

But the petals are beginning to fall.  When they really get going, they can rival a snowfall!

Walking on, I am at my absolute favorite part of my favorite street.  It is lined here with real-honest-to-goodness chestnut trees;  the kind you roast on your open fire.  When I began coming here, there were twice as many of these stately trees, but one by one, the city decides one is diseased and it gets taken down.  So sad.  Look at the cars parked down the street...yes, the trees are really that big.

Exiting the avenue of trees, you come upon this sweet little wedge of ground with it's incredible view and historical marker.

Made a pit stop at my favorite bagel bakery.  Love their poppy seed bagels, but they have quit making egg bagels, booo!  They tried to sell me on the replacement, potato bagels (??).  Whaaaah?  All floury on the outside they are an invitation to a toaster fire, if you ask me.  I passed on them today, because I don't want flour in my toaster, but the next time I buy one to eat on the spot I'll try it out.

Love Noah's.  Joy :)

Discovered that my beloved Teacup and it's incredible teas is no more.  I am relieved to discover that they will continue to maintain their mail order business.  Whew, still have a place to buy Phoenix Dragon Pearl, the best tea EVER.

Had a couple more photos to add, but the uploader now refuses to do it's thing.  Guess I'll take the hint :)


  1. Amazing pictures of the trees heavy with gorgeous blooms!!

  2. what grand trees and I LOVE old houses

    thanks for visiting my blog :)